Gifted Schools is an initiative powered by Born to Soar to enable parents the freedom to search for schools offering to meet the needs of a gifted child. There is no cost to parents to use this service.


Gifted Schools was born from the overwhelming number of requests from parents desperately seeking a school that would address the needs of their gifted child. The directors themselves have experienced this enormous responsibility; locating a school that would truly meet their child’s emotional and cognitive needs. The void of transparent information on schools that support learning for gifted children continues to frustrate parents; thus Gifted Schools was born.


Our mission is to enable you, the parent, to shortlist schools in the region of your desired location. You are able to choose a range of criteria, not just location, on which to base your search. It is hoped that by using Gifted Schools you will visit fewer schools in your search for a suitable learning environment for your individual child. It is important to acknowledge that one school may suit the needs of one child but not another.


Carolyn is an innovative educator who has expertise in the design of differentiated educational learning programs for gifted and talented students, specialising in the preparation and implementation of programs to meet individual learning needs.

She has advised senior management and stakeholders to guide the direction of schools’ gifted policy; delivered professional development both nationally and internationally; implemented twenty-first century learning opportunities through technological applications in learning environments, and has been a thought leader in developing innovative strategies to support the wider gifted community encompassing parents and educators.

Carolyn has a vision for Australia to lead the way in spearheading innovation and thought leadership to address the needs of gifted students and brings her skill-set to the role of Executive Director Education Innovation & Technology. In line with her vision Carolyn is currently working towards achieving her Doctoral Studies in Educational research.

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Dr Anne Grant has taught in the early childhood field, at both pre-school and primary level, for many years, working with children who have a range of abilities from those identified as gifted through to children with severe developmental delay.

Her research has been on the topics of how parents identify their own child as gifted and how giftedness influences children in making a successful transition from one learning environment to the next.

She is a co-author of the DEECD Resource “Making a Difference for Young Gifted and Talented Children” and provided the foundation content for the Raising Children Network online material on Raising Gifted Children. Anne was invited to participate in an Expert Reference Group on the education of gifted and talented children convened by Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET).

She has taught Gifted Education subjects at a Masters level for more than 5 years in the University of. Melbourne and is currently involved in preservice teacher education at Deakin University.

As well as writing on the educational needs of young gifted children, Anne is involved in providing teacher in-service sessions for the Victorian DET on meeting the needs of young gifted children in the classroom. She has published in both national and international journals on the topic of young gifted children and presented on these topics at conferences in Australia and internationally.

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Jenny is a strategic and forward thinking business executive with MBA credentials. She has over 25 years of experience as a Board advisor and has a strong background and breadth of knowledge in business, Government, education, governance, risk and finance.

She has developed and executed complex management and transformational change agendas; taken organisations from inception through to sustainable competitive businesses; developed and implemented strategies to support business innovation, wealth creation, competitive differentiation and business repositioning both nationally and internationally. And has successfully overseen concurrent multimillion dollar projects and assets, mergers and acquisitions.

Jenny brings a sound change management expertise, innovative mind set and an entrepreneurial attitude, vision and creativity to the role of Executive Director Finance & Governance.

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